The Meatless Wonder

Going Vegetarian in the Land of Steak

Reviewed: Kasra Persian Cuisine February 1, 2009

Filed under: Restaurant Review — Josh @ 9:15 pm

I’ll make this a quick one.  

Mark this down as one of the cuisines that is VERY limited in vegetarian options.  At Kasra Persian Cuisine in Richardson there wasn’t a single entree that was meatless.  I was relegated to the side item menu where I sampled the old standby’s, humus and falafel, which were decent, but unspectacular.  The one thing that did stand out was the Shirazi Salad.  The menu describes it as “Diced tomatoes. cucumber, red onions, lemon juice, vinegar, extra virgin oil, and ancient Persian herbs.”  If only I could get my hands on those “ancient Persian herbs,” I could make that at home pretty damn easily.  Oh well.

Grade:  C


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